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Microwave Engineering Laboratory

Yu-Hsiang Building 8F10816




Provide students with the ability to implement and measure various microwave circuits to cultivate talents in communication technology related industries.

  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Circuit Board Engraving Machine
  • Cylindrical Near Field Antenna Measurement Track
  • Dual Channel Vector Network Analyzer
  • Communication Tester
  • HFSS Software Computation Kit

Khee-Kyun Voo

Network Construction Skills Testing Laboratory - Network Evaluation Site

Yu-Hsiang Building 8F10823



Cultivate students' ability and technology in Telecom, network and optical fiber communication server station implementation.


  • 802.11 wifi
  • Optical Time Domain Reflector
  • Fiber Cleaver
  • L3 Switch

Chu, Chang-Lung

5G ORAN Private network laboratory Yu-Hsiang Building 8F10824


Cultivate students' ability to build, implement, and test 5g applications in the 5g open architecture private network environment. In order to meet the needs of huge applications such as 5g vertical field, enterprise private network, smart city and meta universe in the future.


1. Open source 5G independent networking radio access network software system (CU+DU)

2. Rack server (DU Server)

3. Indoor radio unit (n78 band RU)

ChinLun Lai

Prospective Multimedia Technology Laboratory

Yu-Hsiang Building 8F10825







Personnel training and industry-university cooperation venues for various forward-looking artificial intelligence technologies (AI), reality technologies (VR, AR and MR), and e-sports game design.






  • Dual GPU Computers
  • Head Mounted Displays
  • Motion Sensing Detectors

Chien-Peng Ho

Communication Technology (Telecommunication Line) Skills Verification Laboratory-Cable and Optical Fiber Evaluation Site

Yu-Hsiang Building 9F10904



Cultivate students' ability and technology in telecommunications, network and optical fiber communication.


  • Laser light source
  • Optical time domain reflector
  • Optical fiber cable converter
  • Wireless route

Sheng-Ta Hsieh

Antenna Laboratory

Yu-Hsiang Building 9F10910







Train students to have communication talents with antenna measurement ability.




  • Network Analyzer (ZNB8)
  • Network Analyzer(ZVA40)
  • Network Analyzer (ZVL6)

HU, Cheng-Nan